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Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute / Second Year Undergraduate Studio / Case Study Diagramming

Spring 2015

Project Credits:

Edwin Liu (Studio Instructor)

Students: Elijah Coley, Jieran Geng, Stephen Hansen, Laura Hulse, Jenna Kulek, Faith Marro, Sabrina Munley, Zachary Pearson, Fangzhou Sun, Sarah Vogel, Stephenie Williams, Elaine Zhang, Shi Zhang,


This initial 3-week phase of the second-year undergraduate housing studio will have students researching, analyzing, and diagramming canonical multi-residential, large scale housing projects selected by the instructor. Students will begin by gathering existing drawings, photographs, and text about their chosen project and produce a series of drawings that describes their buildings with a high level of analytical detail. Next, students will develop a thesis about their buildings supported by quantitative and qualitative diagrams concerning topics such as circulation, structure, envelope, light, climate, siting, or other topics of their choosing. Emphasis will be placed on drawing techniques, graphical representation, and clarity of visual communication. In the next phase, students will extrapolate ideas from the previous exercise and synthesize them with external formal logics, while simultaneously negotiating a challenging project site located on the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute campus.

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